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Here is the description of the software QuickRMR and the link to download it for free.

About Jagadish Kundu

Jagadish Kundu is a doctorate in Engineering Geology from IIT-ISM Dhanbad, India. His research interests lie in the field of in the field of slope stability, landslides and underground excavation.

Contact: email@jkundu.com

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Kundu et al. (2020)

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Kundu et al. (2022)

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QuickRMR: A Rock Mass Rating (RMR) calculator based on continuous functions

Rock mass conditions at a twin tunnel portal with diverse lithological and structural characteristics. The portal slopes have been been stabilized with support systems. (Photo credit: Dr. Harsh K. Verma, Pr Scientist and HOS at CSIR-CIMFR Bilaspur)

'QuickRMR' is a windows computer program and has been developed to to ease the calculation of both RMR89 and RMR14 using the new continuous functions proposed by Kundu et al. (2020). This computer program aims at making the RMR calculation automatic, easy and convenient. The program is freely available and is distributed under an open-source license (GNU General Public License 3.0). The user can calculate, store, update and delete RMR data for several locations and finally can export ratings of each parameter for all location to an MS Excel file. The application has been written in Visual C#. The software can be installed on a Windows Operating System preferably on Windows 7 or higher.

Other requirements:

The above requirements have been bundled with the installation setup.


QuickRMR is an open source licensed (GNU General Public License 3.0) software which can can currently run on Windows OS. The software is programmed in Visual Studio using c# language.

GNU GPL v3.0 gives you the freedom to use the software for personal, educational, or commercial purposes but, please do not forget to cite.

Cite the software as:
Kundu, J., Sarkar, K., Singh, A.K., & Singh, T.N. (2020). QuickRMR beta. A Rock Mass Rating calculator based on continuous functions. https://jkundu.com/quickrmr (download date).

Cite the article for continuous functions used in the software as:
Kundu, J., Sarkar, K., Singh, A.K., & Singh, T.N. (2020) Continuous functions and a computer application for rock mass rating. Int. J. Rock Mech. Min. Sci. 129.

After successful installation, upon launching the program, the window should look like below image. The user can claculate RMR89 and RMR14 by clicking respective button.

User Interface of QuickRMR

The below figure introduces all the features in RMR89 Interface.

User Interface of QuickRMR->RMR89

And similar features are available in QuickRMR->RMR14.

User Interface of QuickRMR->RMR14

For details on the software operation, follow the user guide below.

Hope you enjoy using the software! I would love to receive your feedback at email@jkundu.com. Your comments/suggestions are valuable to make it more convenient and error free.